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The 4th Ethiopia International Trade Exhibition 2023 launched

Addis Ababa, January 23, 2022 (FBC) – The 4th Ethiopia International trade exhibition has been inaugurated in Addis Ababa Millennium hall with attendance of senior government officials and ambassadors of various countries.

The main objective of the expo is to bring together professionals in the multi-sectors to showcase their wide range of products and equipment in the Build Expo, Auto Expo, Power and Energy, Solar, Food and Kitchen, Made Expo, Light Expo and Plastics, Printing and Packaging Expo taking at the same place.

Kasahun Gofe, state minister for Ministry of Trade and Regional Integration has launched the exhibition.

In his opening remark, Kasahun stated that the exhibition is taking place at the historic moment immediately after the peace agreement has been signed between the government of Ethiopian and TPLF to find peaceful resolution for the conflict in the Northern parts of the country.

As peace is a fundamental requirement for doing predictable business and for achieving sustainable development in Ethiopia, all parties are urgently implementing the peace agreement with in the timeline so as to achieve dependable and peaceful environment for the citizens and businesses at large.

According to the state minister, in the past decade Ethiopia has been one of the fastest growing economies in the world with diverse agro ecology, and favorable climate for both agricultural and industrial production in a considerable amount to meet the national and international market requirements. In this exhibition, a focus has been given to bring together those companies and businesses working in the construction of decent housing and innovation in the various sectors.

Moreover, the exhibition has significance for image building by bringing business from different sectors like trade, science and technology culture and education who have come all the way with their goods and services.

Additionally, this platform provides an opportunity for an active dialogue between participants by establishing direct contacts that aimed at enhancing and boosting businesses and also strengthening regional cooperation and integration.

Kasahun thanked the international participants of this exhibition who have come from different parts of the continent to nurture opportunities and to do business with Ethiopian counterparts.

He also confirmed that Ministry of trade and regional integration is committed to facilitate exchange of best practices and pleased to work with the organizers of the exhibition. The exhibition will remain open from 23-25 January 2023.


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