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Tigray Democratic Party demands that TPLF be prosecuted for Genocide, War Crimes

Addis Ababa, July 28, 2021 (FBC) – The terrorist TPLF should be prosecuted for genocidal acts it has been carrying out in Tigray region by deploying child soldiers and elders to dismantle, Tigray Democratic Party (TDP) stated.

Efforts should be exerted to make the international community understand the human and material crises being caused by the TPLF in Tigray, it added.

Tigray Democratic Party Public Relations Head, Mulubirhan Haile told ENA that the heinous acts of the terrorist TPLF have been hurting not only the people of Tigray but also the rest of Ethiopians.

The TPLF group is engaged in activities that are harming the lives of the people in the region, despite its propaganda that it stands for the welfare of Tigrayans, he noted.

The true nature of the group has been exposed as it is recruiting and deploying child soldiers and the elderly in the war it waged to dismantle Ethiopia, in addition to blocking humanitarian aid that must reach the region.

Such acts are war crimes that should bring the group to be prosecuted for committing genocide under international laws, the PR head said.

Mulubirhan called on the federal government to take the appropriate measures to stop the evil acts of the TPLF terrorist group and free the people of Tigray from the extreme oppression they have been suffering.

Yohannes Goitom, ETCOBC Chairman

Ethiopian Tigrayans Civil Organization Board Chairman, Yohannes Goitom said the continued destructive acts of the terrorist TPLF by rejecting the unilateral ceasefire declared by the government to create conducive environment for humanitarian aid and farming activities in Tigray should be considered as international crime committed against humanity.

The group is also responsible for the anarchy being witnessed in Tigray as a result of the tens of thousands prisoners it freed, he noted.

The board chairman criticized the international community for not condemning the terrorist TPLF group in every of its criminality, including the deployment of child soldiers.

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