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Tigray Prosperity Party senior leadership visit Adigrat town

Addis Ababa, December 21, 2020 (FBC) –Senior leadership of Tigray’s Prosperity Party (PP) and interim administration have visited the damages caused by TPLF junta in Adigrat town.

Among members of the delegation include CEO of the interim administration, Dr Mulu Nega, and senior leadership of Tigray’s PP, Dr Abrham Belay.

The delegation witnessed the damaged caused to properties in Adigrat University and Addis pharmaceutical factory by the TPLF junta, in addition to the robberies committed by the irresponsible group.

Dr Mulu on the occasion said the TPLF group caused serious damages to infrastructure and public properties in the town and the Tigray regional state in general.

Once an assessment of the extent of damage is completed, the federal government will find solution for the problem, he said.

According to Dr Mulu, Adigrat town is now returning to normalcy.

The delegation also held discussion with youth in the town to maintain peace and reinstate administrative structure. They finally reached consensus to work together.

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