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Tolerance is a pillar to build national unity on strong foundation: President Sahle-Work

Addis Ababa, December 9, 2023 (FBC) – Tolerance and prioritizing ideas rather than conflict will allow us to build our unity on a strong foundation, the FDRE President Sahle-Work Zewdie said in her remarks at the 18th Ethiopianness (Nations, Nationalities and Peoples’) Day, which was celebrated colorfully today in Jigjiga, Somali region.

President Sahle-Work underscored that the festival is celebrated not only to show that diversity, multinational unity and equality are inseparable, but also to strengthen them.

The event is an opportunity to remind us that our diversity should not be an impediment to our unity and equality, she said.

Developed countries had also faced identity-related problems, but they were able to overcome the challenges through inclusiveness, she mentioned, adding, but there is no other option than to live together as equals.

She further explained that the greatness of Ethiopia cannot be separated from the greatness of its peoples, emanating from their history, culture, adventure, and the likes.

It is our responsibility to maintain the greatness of this nation, she said, adding that Ethiopia will live in peace and develop only when we solve our common problems through dialogue.

Disagreements and differences of opinions are not enmity, the president said.

The president pointed out that diversity is not only about culture and language; but also in thought; hence, trying to resolve differences with guns and force in our country must end.

We must solve problems through discussion and dialogue, she emphasized.

Speaker of the House of Federation, Agengnehu Teshager on his part said celebrating the holiday in unison has helped us to strengthen our national unity.

He also said that the efforts exerted to bring Ethiopians to unity instead of differences, love instead of hate, and trust instead of doubt has yielded results.

The speaker noted that diversity is not a debt to Ethiopia, but a reward for our people.

Chief Administrator of Somali Regional State, Mustafe Mohamed on his part recalled that some regions, including the Somali region, had been considered as partners to the existing party in the past and their request to organize as a regional party was denied.

Following the reform the country launched five years ago, a national party was formed, granting everyone an opportunity to participate equally and the right to organize as a regional entity was also answered.

“We Ethiopians are people who live together in unison. We must strengthen our brotherhood to exploit the wealth that nature has given us properly,” he said.

The newly established South Ethiopia region will host the 19th Nations, Nationalities and Peoples’ Day (Ethiopianness Day) next year, it is indicated.

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