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Tourism sector rakes in over $3bn in 9 months: Ministry

Addis Ababa, May 21, 2023 (FBC) – The Ministry of Tourism has announced that 3.06 billion dollars was earned from the tourism sector in the last 9 months.

In an exclusive interview with FBC’s Melaku Gedif, the Ministry’s Head of Communication and Public Relations, Alemayheu Getachew, stated that efforts are afoot to increase the income from the sector by expanding and promoting tourist destinations.

In particular, efforts are being made to increase the economic contributions of the sector by expanding the earning of foreign currency and job opportunities, he said.

In the last nine months, 3.06 billion USD income was collected from various tourism services across the country, Alemayehu indicated

The PR & Communication Head said that more than 774,000 foreign tourists have visited Ethiopia in the aforementioned period.

The Official also mentioned that various works have been undertaken on strengthening the existing and new tourist attractions and enhancing the competitiveness of tourism destinations by adding value.

Alemayehu said that new tourism destinations such as Gebeta LeHager projects (Gorgora, Wonchi, Halala Kela, Koisha), Jimma Aba Jifar Palace and Sinqele Korkes’ Village are being put into full operation.

He said that the tourism sector will be further boosted through accessible promotion methods and foreign tourists will be able to visit Ethiopia’s wonderful tourist attractions.

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