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TPLF totally demolishes hospitals, public health centers in Raya Kobo

Addis Ababa, October 5, 2022 (FBC) – Health facilities in Raya Kobo Woreda and Kobo City have been completely looted, burned to ashes and destroyed by the terrorist TPLF, confirmed the North Wolo Zone Health Department.

The terrorist TPLF has repeatedly committed countless heinous atrocities against the society by destroying public facilities, looting and burning properties, raping, killing and torturing civilians in the areas where it invaded in Amhara region, according to the Communication Department of North Wollo Zone.

Head of North Wolo Zone Health Department, Feleku Mekonnen, stated that the terrorist group has repeatedly caused myriads of human and material damage to the community in the area.

She revealed that nine health centers and hospitals, that were providing services to the local community, including Kobo Town Hospital, were completely demolished by the terrorist group.

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