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By Ahmed Mohammed

I’m in a mix of feelings; both anger and happiness are taking turns to assure me the beauty of crafting advantage from disadvantages, following President Donald Trump’s unfair stance over the flagship project, and worst of all, his war proposal for Egypt to blow the mega project has brought Ethiopians to react patriotically as if an actual threat is out there, to endanger the 4.6 billion USD power plants.


His remark has boldly exposed the degree of bias he has held of the most respected project Ethiopians are looking forward to tasting its culmination. To me his unmeasured words are painful enough and equivalent of aborting a fetus from an expecting mother, the project is the yet to be born baby if Ethiopia is represented by a pregnant mother.

Pretty rewarding!

What cohesive chemistry  Ethiopia is composed of, I’m puzzled as usual, and still I’m enjoying the patriotic  reactions Ethiopians are showcasing, leaving their minor differences aside, same way our forefathers  did to  crushing tempts  of colonialists  down in history.

I feel I’m still humiliated and disrespected because of Trump’s remarks, but chronicles of history combined with what I’m witnessing today, and that of this divinely protected nation has helped me develop a sense of confidence to mock any belittling remarks towards Ethiopia.

History has it that many mocked Ethiopia, tempted to own it and oftentimes it’s voices were turned down, and Trump’s words are rituals of some super powers against the rights of Ethiopia.

Trump, for reasons can’t spell out, perhaps for his hidden motive, either to favor Egypt at the expense of Ethiopia; he has made a serious foul against Ethiopia without even a slight fear of damaging the 117 year Ethio-US strategic partnership.

He has cut 130 million USD from a package of aid to Ethiopia simply for Ethiopia has refused to accept his unfair plan of favoring Egypt over a river which the later has contributed almost nothing to its flow.

But what is super interesting is, he is being criticized enough for disrespecting Ethiopia and offering bribery to Egypt, despite he has appeared to give no meaning to reconsider his unproductive proposal of war he made of Ethiopia. As excessively preached, Ethiopia has no any slight intention of hurting downstream countries, Egypt in particular; its lust is to get out of darkness.

Really pretty funny, immoral and odd, even inhumane to turn down the call of Ethiopia for getting a seal for its own natural and divine resources, in defiance to international laws.

Is there any country as genuine as Ethiopia to refer, in the quest of fairness, a country which has been long rejected by Egyptians and worse enough by the head of the most democratic country…? USA.

To me, there is no word to define the degree of greed  Egyptians have been showing in their conspiracy to crush any attempt of Ethiopia to even fetch a single cup of water from River Nile, worst of the Trump’s Egypt -sided view is very confusing and dictates  the unfairness of his personality,…may I call it political immaturity!?

Egypt, sensing no way to keep its unfair water usage, has nearly come to terms to fair usage of  the river, a natural  resource being shared by  over 300 people all along the Nile basin, a white and black truth  Trump doesn’t want  to admit.

He waged war and provoked Egyptians to blow this mega power plant of 4.6 billion USD, as if the border and skies of Ethiopia are grass -fenced!?

Can’t you imagine how painful his words are to a nation whose citizens have been contributing from what they have not in their strong desire to see the project bear fruit, millions even skipping their meals?

It’s pretty odd!

No head of state has appeared to incite war between two sovereign States, he is defiant to international laws and against the wisdom of the USA, he misled Egypt to damage the flagship project Ethiopia, despite his words, for sure, are not smart enough to fool Egypt for any grave action of never ending complications.

Confusing enough!

Should Ethiopia remain dark forever to please Trump, should Egypt prosper at the expense of our misery?

What pleasure does Trump earn in return from seeing ever dark Ethiopia!? He knows his motive behind his unfair words, but no Ethiopians surrender to his threatening remarks, and of course his suggestions will never ever come true unless we Ethiopians are all ripped off.

His unproductive views towards  Ethiopia and blackness in particular, and biased  stance towards Ethiopia’s GERD is still a topic of Ethiopians and we are still in the mood of buzzes, young and old, poor and rich, with no statues denouncing his  irresponsible remark about Ethiopia.

To me, this is the first time when I have proven how self -evidently Ethiopians come together,  leaving aside their minor differences when potential intruders are out there to threaten Ethiopia, just the way our forefathers and mothers did in the long distant time of the Adwa, and in the near past of Badme.

It may be natural to patriotically react, though i’m still puzzled how all of a sudden Trump’s mockery over Ethiopia has glued Ethiopians…?

Come on!

No need of being Ethiopian or black to denounce Trump’s biased stance against not only Ethiopia but also against reality and international law. That’s why many scholars of various countries, even from circles of their own, have joined Ethiopians in their lust for fair natural water utilization.


Because of his disrespect to Ethiopia and Africa, he suggested a mirage of war against the 4.6 billion USD, provoking war between Ethiopia and Egypt, dictating the later to blow this nearly complete African project, a project whose reservoir right now is equivalent of missile if bombed, let alone the patriotic reaction, if anything is attempted to endanger the flagship project of over 110 million Ethiopians.

African solution to African problems is the narrative of the day, even Trump himself preached it a couple of times. Sadly, either for being uninformed, or for his disrespect for AU or for lack of wisdom on how and what to say his views…perhaps for immaturity, he belittled himself inciting war…. You know that the tripartite meeting is under smooth drive led by the AU, the right body to mediate African disputes…Is that then to distract the talk from going forward that Trump has appeared ?

Worse enough, he shamefully told the world that he has cut 130 milling USD aid to Ethiopia, as part of his plan to please Egypt, not to defend justice. Whatever intimidation one might have come with, it’s no doubt nothing drags back the project  even an inch .It’s not mighty …military muscle that best our world today is defined by; it’s communication the only way to go through, rather. After all, great to cross check if the borders and skies of Ethiopia are grass- fenced?

Is that to take our sovereignty in return that his aid is all about!?  Does he think his aid, whatever amount, is worth Ethiopia and its over 110 million people?  How on earth the president of the most democrat country can wage war …?!

I’m totally confident, no single Ethiopian is sadistic to see even a single Egyptian suffer from thirsty, but they too should be open- hearted for the fair usage of Nile…mutual benefit…a win win  approach ,… forgetting their long mentality of entirely controlling the Nile River. Egypt needs to come up with a fresh perspective of how to fairly use this natural resource of over 300 million people!

Ahmed Mohammed is a Talk Host at 104.7 FM

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