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UNDP vows to continue support for comprehensive dev’t activities in Ethiopia

Addis Ababa, December 2, 2022 (FBC) – The United Nations Development Program, Administrator Achim Steiner, said that the (UNDP) will continue to strengthen its support for the comprehensive development activities carried out by Ethiopia.

The Ministers of the Ministry of Planning and Development and the Ministry of Finance consulted with the officials of the United Nations Development Program.

In the discussion with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), Minister of Planning and Development, Dr. Fitsum Asefa, stated that Ethiopia’s economy has been able to achieve growth despite being tested by war, covid-19, drought and other external pressures.

She said that the government is carrying out various activities and economic reforms in order to sustain growth and insuring transformation and the support of development partners such as the United Nations Development Program is still needed.

The partnership demonstrated by the UNDP has been instrumental through proper Ethiopian transition and reform, said Dr. Fitsum Asefa.

Ethiopia is resilience enhance to overcome its challenges has faced, said the Minister, Dr. Fitsum Asefa, and urged the development partners to support the sustainable development of the country and work alongside the government.

The Minister of Finance, Ahimed Shide, on his part, mentioned that Ethiopia is making various economic reforms every time to overcome its economic problems. He stated that Home Grown Economic Reform Phase two is being prepared.

The Minister pointed out that the shortage of foreign currency, the imbalance of export and import, the rise in the price of goods and other problems exist in the economy. He requested the UNDP to support this activity.

The head of UNDP, Achim Steiner, said that the UNDP has great appreciation for the peace agreement between the Ethiopian government and the TPLF.

He added UNDP is committed to strengthen its support in reconstruction, rehabilitation including support sustainable rehabilitation of IDP beyond the humanitarian response and strengthen partnership on the existing development engagement.


The Government officials, for their part, said UNDP is close partner for the people and government of Ethiopia, expressing hope that the partnership will transform in to a higher level.







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