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Unilever Global expresses interest to investing in food processing in Ethiopia

Addis Ababa, August 25, 2022 (FBC) – Unilever Global, the world’s largest company based in London, has announced that it is interested in investing in food processing in Ethiopia.

Dagi Beru, the company’s Director of African Corporate affairs, discussed food processing investment with Teferi Melese, Ethiopia’s Ambassador Plenipotentiary in the United Kindom (UK).

In his explanation to the director, Ambassador Teferi stated that the Unilever Global Company will benefit from the incentives provided by the government to foreign investors engaged in the agro-industry sector.

Director Dagi, on his part, stated that his company has been engaged in investment in the manufacturing of cleaning products, various detergent and shampoos, and various other products in Ethiopia for the past years; announcing that his company is interested in investing extensively in Ethiopia.

He also claimed that Unilever is buying the raw materials for production from local farmers and reinvesting the profits from domestic production into local investment.

He said that they are continuously preparing to engage in food processing investment in Ethiopia either jointly or individually with other foreign investors.

The Ethiopian Embassy in London stated that Unilever will soon submit its investment plan.

Unilever is a company engaged in the same investment business in more than 192 countries in the world.


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