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World Bank Group reaffirms commitment to continue partnership with Ethiopia

Addis Ababa, May 19, 2023 (FBC) – The World Bank Group stated that it remains committed to supporting initiatives that promote peace-building, reconciliation, and sustainable progress in Ethiopia.

In a statement released regarding the current state of affairs in Ethiopia, WBG indicated that conflicts combined with historic drought and other shocks have severely impacted millions of Ethiopians, jeopardizing the promising economic and social development progress the country has achieved in recent years.

“Consistent with our strategy to remain engaged in situations of conflict and fragility and to support greater resilience of Ethiopia’s people, the World Bank Group (WBG) remains committed to continuing its partnership with Ethiopia for the benefit of all Ethiopians. Accordingly, the WBG is supporting Ethiopia to address its citizens’ demands for basic human services such as education, food security, health, clean water, livelihood support, women’s empowerment, and social and environmental protection across the country”, the WBG emphasized.

The World Bank Group also believes that over the past decade, its support has helped Ethiopia make significant progress in key human development indicators.

It seeks to ensure that activities it supports are responsive to the needs of all people in Ethiopia.

The statement underscored that WBG is closely monitoring the situation throughout the entire country and continue to call for solutions that promote stability and long-lasting peace.

According to the statement WBG’s ultimate goal is to foster an environment conducive to accelerated and inclusive development in the East African nation.

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