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Ambassador Meles Alem reappointed as Spokesperson of Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Addis Ababa, June 23, 2022 (FBC) – The Government of Ethiopia has reappointed Ambassador Meles Alem as Spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Ambassador Meles Alem who was Ambassador of Ethiopia to Kenya before the new appointment also served as a Spokesperson of the Ministry years ago.

The incumbent Spokesperson, Ambassador Dina Mufti has also been appointed as Director-General of Public Diplomacy at the Ministry.

Ambassador Dina Mufti and H.E. Ambassador Meles Alem shared the floor of the weekly press briefing of the Ministry today.

Journalists present at the weekly briefing appreciated Ambassador Dina for humbly serving his country, being media-friendly, and consistently delivering information to the media, especially when the country was facing various pressures for the last two years.

Ambassador Meles Alem, on his part, pledged to serve his country diligently under his new role in the Ministry.

Ambassador Meles was Ethiopia’s Ambassador to Kenya before he assumed his new role, where he was presented with Kenya’s ‘Nyayo Simba’ award, for his momentous contributions to cementing Ethiopia-Kenya’s relations.


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