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DPM & FM Demeke calls for genuine reform of global institutions to accommodate interests of global south 

Addis Ababa, September 16, 2023 (FBC) – Deputy  Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia Demeke Mekonnen called for  genuine reform of global institutions to accommodate the interest of the global south.

Speaking at the Group 77 and China leaders summit underway in Havana,Cuba Deputy Prime Minister Demeke said unilateral sanctions and coercive economic actions hampers progress in science,technology and economic development in the global south countries.

Demeke also noted facilitating knowledge and technology transfer through South-South cooperation fosters innovation and the implementation of SDGs.

Ethiopia’s digital strategy envisages an inclusive digital economy with wider benefits to the wider public, Demeke also underscored.

The Deputy PrimeMinster told the Summit that Ethiopia has so far registered encouraging results in the implementation of the digital strategy.

The leaders Summit is expected to conclude today issuing a declaration.

On the margins of the Summit Demeke also met the president of the Republic Cuba and other government officials and UNEP Director General.


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