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Ethio telecom Launches 4G LTE Advanced Service In 22 Towns

Addis Ababa, October 14, 2021 (FBC) – It is recalled that Ethio Telecom has recently announced the launching of 4G LTE service in 92 towns nationwide and in the capital, Addis Ababa as phase-I 4G LTE service expansion strategic plan for the 2020/21 budget year. 

Ethio Telecom also promised to expand the service in the remaining towns of the country as we have been immensely working on to finalize phase -Il network upgrading and expansion to meet the ever-growing data demands of customers. 

Following its strategic plan to expand 4G LTE service in various cities across the nation where there is high data usage, Ethio Telecom announced that 4G LTE advanced mobile internet service is launched in 22 towns specifically in Deder, Dubti, Debark, Este, Shehadi/Genda weha, Woreta, Jawi, Adet, Bechena, Dejen, Mota, Asela, Goba, Robe, Sodere, Zeway/Batu, Halaba, Durame, Konso, Sawila, Shishicho and Worabe towns. 

As a result, the total number of 4G LTE internet service beneficiary towns reached 144. In addition to these, taking the high demands of the 4G LTE internet service and uncovered areas into consideration, we have also upgraded the existing 4G LTE service of 10 cities, namely Dessie, Debre Tabor, Gondar, Bahir Dar , Debre Markos logiya,Hosaena,Sodo,Arbaminch and Butajira

It is believed that high band width or high-speed features and reliable data services of 4G LTE will enable and empower our customers to join the digital world, increase productivity and improve their experiences.

In this regard, we would like to call on players in the ecosystem to use this opportunity in providing useful contents and affordable handsets as well as to join hands in realizing digital inclusion in order to foster the need for digital economy.

The company request customers who dwell in those towns where the4G LTE service is already launched and available to visit nearby telecom shops and upgrade 3G SIM cards to 4G for free of charge.

Ethio Telecom is undertaking massive 4G LTE expansion projects in various parts of the country.

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