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Ethiopia Drops Charges against 63 Individuals

Addis Ababa, February 25, 2020 (FBC) – The Government of Ethiopia has dropped charges against 63 individuals suspected of committing crimes.

Zinabu Tunu, Public Relations and Communication Director at the Attorney General, told journalists today that the decision was made taking into account its contribution to national unity.

He added the move also took into consideration its importance for the ongoing reform, to the people and the country.

Among the individuals to be released include those accused of corruption in Metals and Engineering Corporation (METEC) and human rights violations in various parts of the country, including in Somali and Benishangul Gumuz regional states, said Zinabu.

Individuals arrested in connection with the June 22 incident in Amhara regional state and violence in Sidama zone are also among those that will be released, he said.

He further said only 1,682 out of the 3,606 individuals suspected of involving in various criminal activities have been arrested so far. Works will be carried out to arrest and bring to justice the remaining suspects.

In accordance with the recently approved law, measures will be taken against individuals engaged in spreading information that incites violence and promoting hatred, he added.

Ethiopian parliament on February 13 approved a hate speech and disinformation prevention and suppression law with a majority vote, 23 against and 2 abstentions.

The law is aimed at promoting tolerance, civil discourse and dialogue, mutual respect and understanding and strengthening democratic governance.

It is also intended to control and suppress the dissemination and proliferation of hate speech, disinformation and other related false and misleading information.

List of the 63 individuals to be released

1. Lt Col. Biniam Tewelde

2. Lt Col. Selay Yihun

3. Lt Col. Tsegaye Animut

4. Col. Shegaw Mulugeta

5. Col. Girma Manzergia

6. Col. Zefan Berhe

7. Col. Asmeret Kidane

8. Capitan Yikunoamlak Tesfaye

9. Alem Fitsum

10. Selemon Abrha

11. Semere Haile

12. Kiflay Niguse

13. Lt Col. Mengistu Kebede

14. Lt Col. Israel Assfaw

15. Lt Col. Ketema Kebede

16. Lt Col. Leteberhan Demoze

17. Usman Kebede

18. Lt Col. Waktola Addisu

19. Lt Col. Tabor Edosa

20. Capitan Yohannes Tikesa

21. Mrs Welanssa Gebreyesus

22. Major Remedan Legas

23. Mulugeta Seid

24. Wasie Sadik

25. Sisay Debele

26. Aklilu Girma

27. Mrs Rahma Mohammed

28. Mrs Zemzem Hassen

29. Commander Faruk Bedri

30. Asteraw Kebede

31. Sisay Altaseb

32. Abebe Fanta

33. Aschalew Worku

34. Teshome Melese

35. Alemneh Mulu

36. Kedir Seid

37. Addis Amare

38. Amare Bile

39. Christian Tadele

40. Belete Kassa

41. Miftah Shemsu

42. Dr Mate Mengesha

43. Tariku Lemma

44. Getahun Guday

45. Belay Belguda

46. Amelu Tamiso

47. Tefera Kenfeto

48. Asst Prof Tessema Elias

49. Amanuel Belayneh

50. Addisu Qamiso

51. Superintendent Asegel Weldgiorgis

52. Superintendent Assefa Kidane

53. Superintendent Gebregziabher Gebrehawariat

54. Girma Abu

55. Abdulmuniyer Abduljelis

56. Tofiq Abdulkadir

57. Kemal Mohammed

58. Commander Usman Ahmed

59. Commander Edosa Gosh

60. Babeker Kelifa

61. Chief Sergeant Etenesh Arefayne

62. Ermias Amelga

63. Mulugeta Seid


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