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Amb. reaffirms German’s commitment to support Ethiopia’s efforts in reconstructing, rebuilding war ravaged areas

Addis Ababa, July 6, 2023 (FBC) – After his visit to the northern part of the country, Germany’s Ambassador to Ethiopia Stephan Auer revealed his country’s continued commitment to extend unwavering support to Ethiopia’s efforts in reconstructing and rebuilding war ravaged areas to fully restore services.

In an exclusive interview with Fana Broadcasting corporate (FBC), Germany’s Ambassador to Ethiopia Stephan Auer disclosed that his country has doubled its humanitarian assistance.

Germany wants to engage and stand by Ethiopia’s side in its efforts to address the situation not only in the northern part of Ethiopia but also in all areas of the country affected by conflict, the ambassador said.

Ambassador Stephan also disclosed his country’s commitment to extend unwavering support to Ethiopia’s efforts implementing the Pretoria Agreement and capacitate the National Dialogue Commission adding that establishing a transparent transitional justice system and improving humanitarian aid delivery are also areas that Germany wants to expedite cooperation with Ethiopia.

Ambassador Stephan further highlighted the Germany’s Chancellor Olaf Schoz and the Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock’s recent visit to Ethiopia saying it is a testimony how Germany attaches to Ethiopia as a useful partner, not only in the whole of Africa, but globally.

He said that after the Pretoria agreement, Ethiopia is now coming to peace and stability and Germany recognizes the bold steps the signatories are taking to cease hostilities. Germany will continue to strengthen its support for Ethiopia in its entire journey to peace and prosperity, the ambassador reaffirmed.

He also lauded Ethiopia’s significant contribution to the peace and stability of Africa, not only by sending peacekeeping forces to support peace campaigns, but also hosting the African Union and promoting African integration. “Ethiopia has a great opportunity to become Africa’s political and economic powerhouse.”

Regarding development cooperation, the Ambassador mentioned that Germany has made a significant contribution to help COVID-19 impacted people and rehabilitate the war-affected communities and infrastructure in North Ethiopia.

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