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Terrorists cannot restrain Ethiopia from achieving its prosperity

Addis Ababa, September 24, 2022 (FBC) – FDRE Government Communication Service have release a statement denouncing the recent attacks on civilians by the terrorist Shene in Jardega Jarde, Western Oromia, underlining that such attacks on innocent civilians cannot restrain Ethiopia from achieving its prosperity.

The Service denounced, in the statement, the recent killings of innocent citizens and members of the local security force by the terrorist Shene in Horogudru Wollega, Oromia region.

It explained that the terrorist group was pushed out from several areas of Oromia region by the government security forces in collaboration with the local community and it was dispersed and fled to the areas of Jardega Jarde, Horogudru Wollega.

The terrorist Shene committed this atrocity on innocent people in retaliation for the death of its local commander, Jal Urji, and his henchmen, who was killed yesterday, the statement reads.

The statement stressed that the terrorist group also committed these crimes to disrupt the upcoming ‘Mesqel’ and ‘Irreechaa’ holidays.

According to the statement, local community members are currently working together with the government security forces to clear the area from the terrorist Shene.

The blatant attacks of Ethiopia’s historical enemies on innocent civilians when their goals are thwarted in various places are unacceptable, the statement further condemned.

However, this act of destruction by terrorists cannot stop Ethiopia from ensuring its prosperity, the statement says.

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