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Health Ministry announces strict COVID 19 control guidelines, regulations

Addis Ababa, April 8, 2021 (FBC) – In a press briefing held today, the Ministry of Health has announced COVID 19 control guidelines and regulations based on directive 30/2021 amid the growing spread of the virus.

The government has imposed tight restriction which is being enforced by a special task force comprising officials and professionals from Health Ministry, Peace Ministry, General Attorney, Federal and Addis Ababa Police Commissions.

An intensified public awareness campaign is undergoing in Addis Ababa and other cities and town of the country through various mechanisms including media and face to face interventions. The campaign has brought about promising results, said the Health Ministry in a press briefing.

Mask wearing and sanitization are among the precautions being well followed by the public, it is indicated.

Corrective measures have been taken against 47, 000 residents and 115 institutions that contravened directive 30/2020, police report indicates.

Number of deaths from Coronavirus passed 3,000 while the total cases surpassed 220,000 in the country. With regard to this, Ministry of Health has announced the following tight restrictions effective as of today: These are:

No meetings by officials at all levels and others without masks and allowed number of participants.

Hotels are not allowed to host any meeting and social gatherings violating permitted number of individuals.

Cafeterias and recreational centers are allowed to accommodate only 3 individuals per a table with two meters distance between each table.

Religious institutions, schools, health care centers and other social institutions are required to adhere to mask wearing precaution and physical distancing.

Strict mask wearing rule is set in place in transportation service centers, social service rendering institutions, schools, public organizations, commercial centers, hotels, cafeterias and any places that entail gatherings.

Government officials, law enforcement bodies and public figures are stipulated to be exemplary in adhering guidelines and regulations and conduct awareness creation at any enabling circumstance.

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