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Irreechaa Hora-Harsade festival celebrated in Bishoftu town

Addis Ababa, October 8, 2023 (FBC) – The 2016 E.C Hora-Harsade Irreechaa festival has been celebrated colorfully this early morning at Hora-Harsade in Bishoftu town, Oromia region, in the presence of Abbaa Gadaas, Haadha Siinqees with a large number people from across Oromia region and from other parts of Ethiopia.

The Irreechaa festival is an annual thanksgiving event celebrated every year among the Oromo community and it is becoming among the biggest outdoor festivals in Ethiopia in the last few years.

The people of Oromo celebrate the event annually in Addis Ababa and Bishoftu town of Oromia to thank GOD for the good things he has done for them.

The 2016 E.C Hora-Finfinnee Irreechaa Festival was colorfully celebrated on Saturday in Addis Ababa in the presence of Abaa Gadaas, Haadha Siinqees and with a large crowd of Oromos and representatives of other ethnicities from different parts of Ethiopia.

Likewise, Hora-Harsade has been celebrated colorfully this morning in Bishoftu town of Oromia.

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