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Most parts of Tigray will regain telecom service once maintenance of Shire core site completed

Addis Ababa, December 2, 2022 (FBC) – Chief Executive Officer of Ethio Telecom, Firehiwot Tamru stated that most parts of Tigray region will regain electric service once the ongoing maintenance works at the core network site at Shire are completed.

In an exclusive interview with FBC, Firehiwot said the war ravaged telecom infrastructures in all accessible areas are being repaired with utmost efforts.

According to the CEO, war affected areas including Mai Tsebri, Alamata, Korem and Adi Arkai towns have regained mobile network services following the maintenance works.

Shire core network site which was out of service for two years, has been reequipped with all necessary equipment and devises, she said, adding that maximum efforts are underway to restore the telecom service in almost all parts of Tigray region including Axum and Adwa towns.

Moreover, 266 km of cyber cables have been repaired, and only 6 km are left for full completion of the maintenance works at Shire district.

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