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PM Abiy Ahmed delivers ‘Meskel Demera’ message

Addis Ababa, September 26, 2022 (FBC) – Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has delivered congratulatory message to all Ethiopian Christians at home and abroad on the occasion of the Meskel Demera Festival on September 26 and 27, a holiday that commemorates the Founding of the True Cross.

“We have gone through the rainy season, and welcoming the bright Ethiopian Autumn,” the Premier said.

“We celebrate the Founding of the True Cross at a time when muds are running dry, rivers lowering and the light shining in the darkness and the fields are getting embellished with flowers,” the Prime Minister stated.

September is the month that depicts the reality that Ethiopians are inextricably entwined one another. Most of the nations and nationalities of Ethiopia celebrate their new year or observe thanks giving festivals in September, according to the Prime Minister.

“We have gone through trying situations. Our enemies put pressures on in an attempt to darken our journey and weaken our strides. They have left no stone unturned to exacerbate our problems. But, the God of Ethiopia has never forsaken us. As a result, we are forced to embark on defensive measures in order to safeguard the sovereignty of the nation,” he said.

“Teaching Ethiopia about peace is like teaching a fish how to swim or a bird how to fly,” the Premier underscored. The Government of Ethiopia has done its level best to ensure peace although the other side has not reciprocated the same, and that is why the hands stretched for peace turned to arms,”

Prime Minister Abiy further called on Ethiopians to dispel all tribulations stem from the past and gear up for brighter future while celebrating the Founding of the Holy Cross.



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