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PM Abiy inaugurates Friendship Park phase II project

Addis Ababa, October 30, 2022 (FBC) – FDRE Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed inaugurated and opened the second phase of Friendship Park project.

In the inaugural ceremony, the Mayor of Addis Ababa city administration, Adanech Abiebie, other senior government officials, and various members of the community from the Capital were present.

It has been stated that the riverside green development phase II project is designed to contribute to make Addis Ababa clean and worthy of its name, as well as conducive to its inhabitants.

The project was initiated by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed. Under the Premier’s close supervision, the second phase of the project was built with quality and in a short period of time.

Using contemporary technology, more than 4,000 indigenous trees that were planted elsewhere have been moved to this place and transplanted.

This is an indication of the government’s practical commitment to green development in any of its national development adventures.

In addition, it is said that the project will contribute to the work that is being undertaken to raise Addis Ababa’s low green area to a better level which enables to meet the requirements of a city as an ideal city.

Children’s playground in the park is decorated in different colors and designed for children under the age of 8.

The place is equipped with various sound devices that echo the sounds of nature. It also enables children to develop their experience of imagination and free their minds.

The park allows children to play different types of games, such as a natural science exhibition for children, phalanges of teff, a multi-colored running track, a special ecological garden, a volleyball court, a bird chirp listening device, bicycles and small vehicles parking, a visitor center, and a mural.

It also includes a picture gallery, garden cafeteria and related infrastructure.

The sports center is designed for all age groups which suits for football and basketball team training and playing.

Another part of the project is the wedding venue, which includes the bridal loft, flower loft, wedding garden service center, water fountain, and waterside loft.

This includes additional sports facilities, an observation tower, mini basketball courts, a 3,000 cubic meter sewage treatment plant and a bridge connecting the park across the river.

The venue can also be used for birthdays and other social events.

This site, which contains 1.2 KM of riverside development, is said to highlight the importance of river and riverside beautification as part of the project.

The beautifying project of the river banks has been carried out by building walls to prevent soil erosion, cleaning the river and maintaining the normal flow of the river’s water.

Sheger Riverside Green Development Phase II Project has a total parking space of more than 325 cars at a time.

The project involved more than 500 citizens from the time it was started until it was completed. Moreover, it is said that the park will permanently create job opportunities for 300 citizens.

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