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Russia ready to bolster ties with Ethiopia in multifaceted areas of cooperation: Senator Igor Morozov

Addis Ababa, July 12, 2023 (FBC) – A preliminary session of the Second Russia-Africa Summit held in Addis Ababa on Wednesday in the presence of representatives of the government and the business community of the Russian Federation and Ethiopian dignitaries.

In his opening remarks, Ambassador of the Russian Federation to Ethiopia, Evgeny Terekhin, stated that Russia attaches greater importance to its ties with Africa in the social, economic, cultural and humanitarian spheres.

Russia played a significant role in supporting African nations when they struggled against colonialism, and the political and diplomatic relations with his country and countries of the continent has continued to be strengthened over the decades.

“The political dialogue between the Russian Federation and African nations has not stopped for a single moment since the establishment of the traditional relations between the two sides,” he underscored.

“We are committed to strengthen our traditional relations with African nations in economic technical areas based on principles of equality and mutual trust,” he said.

“We are working to facilitate conditions that would enable us to employ national currencies of countries to expedite trade ties between African nations, he said.”

Member of the Upper Chamber of the Federal Assembly and Chairman of the Coordinating Committee for Economic Cooperation with African Countries (AFROCOM), Igor Morozov, stated that Africa is a continent with a productive young population and immense resources, reiterating the commitment of his country to deepen cooperation with the country in a wide range of areas including trade, economy, science, education, digital technology, health and agriculture.

AFROCOM has six offices in Africa including the one it opened last year in Addis Ababa, Igor Morozov said, adding that this shows how Russia is committed to expand trade and economic ties with the continent.

“The west has been trying to sever the ties between Russia and Africa, but our relationship has thrived withstanding all challenges,” he noted.

Regarding the bilateral relations between Ethiopia and Russia, the Senator stated that Russia will remain to be nation’s close partner in the diplomatic, political, cultural and humanitarian spheres.

Russian companies are ready to participate in the Ethiopian economy in the fields of production and assembly of cars, tractors and other agricultural equipment, he said, pledging commitment to attract more other investments to the country. He also appreciated Ethiopia’s aspiration to join the BRICS bloc.

Concerning cooperation in the science and education sectors, Senator Igor said ROSCOSMOS will share its immense experiences in the Space Science Aerospace Research fields with Ethiopia.

Russia is also ready to establish a trade house in Addis Ababa as part of its ongoing activities to bolster economic and investment ties with Ethiopia and the continent Africa at large.

He further expressed his confidence that the Second Russia-Africa Summit would serve as a good platform in strengthening comprehensive and equal cooperation between Russia and Africa countries.

President of the Chamber of Commerce and Sectoral Associations of Ethiopia, Melaku Ezezew, for his part, said “this is the right time to tighten economic and cultural ties between Africa and Russia,” calling the upcoming Russia-Africa Summit a good opportunity in this regard.

“Its cooperation with Russia in areas of science, trade and technology transfer is vital to Ethiopia so as to accelerate its economic growth and achieve development goals,” Melaku pointed out, affirming the commitment of the association in strengthening economic and investment partnership between the two sides.

By Wondesen Aregahegn

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