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Transitional Justice Policy to be implemented next Ethiopian year:  MoJ

Addis Ababa, August 22, 2023 (FBC) – The transitional justice policy and a three year justice roadmap will be implemented next Ethiopian year, Minister of Justice Gedion Timothewos disclosed.

The mid-term performance review of the 10-year development plan was held in the presence of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed.
The meeting has also discussed on the second phase of the mid-term plan to be implemented over the coming three years.

Minister of Justice Gedion Timothewos said one of the issues evaluated was the reform process and performance of the justice sector.

He pointed out that amendments of existing laws and endorsing new ones have been carried out in a participatory manner during the implementation the first phase of plan which could be considered as successful achievements.

However, the minister said violations of laws and rights due to conflict and instability as well as weak horizontal coordination among regional states have been some of the bottlenecks encountered during year.

Hence, activities have been carried out to implement the new policies including transitional justice in the next planning period, he added.

He pointed out that more than 50 discussions were held in all regions to collect input in order to have options for transitional justice policy.

Transitional justice policy document which is expected to contribute to sustainable peace, reconciliation and justice in Ethiopia has been developed, as recalled by ENA’s report.

Apart from that, a three-year road map has also been prepared with a view to fundamentally change the entire justice sector, according to Gedion.

He illustrated that the road map contains several goals, including criminal law, administrative justice, digitalization among other.

The minister pointed out the road map intends to expand community focused justice services and takes the values and culture of communities in to consideration in the implementation of the justice system.

Moreover, the minister added that a new criminal procedure and evidence law that will make the justice sector more efficient will be approved and put into operation next year.

The new law is expected to modernize the previous procedures, provides alternative procedures, and introduces efficient and new procedures, he stated.

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