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USAID provides over $39mln to Ethiopia in response to drought situation

In response to the drought situation in several parts of the country, the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) is providing more than 39 million USD in additional humanitarian aid to meet the needs of people in Ethiopia, where more than 6.2 million drought affected people are estimated to need urgent food assistance in 2022.

USAID is working to scale up its assistance across the Horn of Africa, including in Ethiopia, to respond to the driest conditions in four decades.

In southern and southeastern Ethiopia, the impacts of the drought are already visible with reports of diminishing pasture lands, significant crop losses, severe water shortages, and livestock deaths.

Through USAID partner the UN World Food Program, this additional support will provide 1.6 million drought-affected Ethiopians and refugees with food assistance, including school meals, as well as emergency nutrition for children and pregnant and lactating women.


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