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ERCS, IFRC affirm commitment to collaborate in advancing transformative agenda

Addis Ababa, September 26, 2023 (FBC) – Ethiopian Red Cross Society (ERCS) and International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) expressed their commitment to address Ethiopia’s complex challenges, strengthen coordination, and work together to advance the transformative agenda for the benefit of the Ethiopian people.

Both sides affirmed their commitment during a meeting between the Secretary General of ERCS, Getachew Ta’a, the IFRC Regional Director, Mohammed Mukhier, and the new Head of the IFRC Country Cluster Delegation, Paula Fitzgerald.

It is stated that the meeting focused on addressing the ongoing challenges in Ethiopia and strengthening collaboration between the two movement partners.

Emphasizing the importance of capacity building and coordination, Getachew Ta’a stressed the need for a well-implemented National Society Development (NSD) road mapping, one-country plan, unified reporting formats, and the establishment of a school of humanity to promote peace, non-violence, disaster management, and humanitarian values.

Mohammed Mukhier, the IFRC Regional Director, stressed the importance of setting up country delegations to ensure effective support for National Societies, while acknowledging Ethiopia’s pivotal role in addressing complex issues. He went on to express a commitment to addressing these challenges.

Mohammed emphasized the significance of the one-country plan, which aims to streamline efforts and coordination among different stakeholders, including the government, donors, and partners.

Advocating for peer-to-peer support between Ethiopian Red Cross and Djiboutian Red Crescent Societies, he highlighted the importance of risk education in schools to address various issues such as peace, security, climate change, and food waste.

Paula Fitzgerald, the new Head of the IFRC Country Cluster Delegation, underlined the need for effective coordination. She expressed her willingness to collaborate closely with ERCS to harness their ambitions.

Paula also stressed the importance of diplomacy, connecting with the international community, and understanding the sectoral priorities of the National Society, per ERCS.

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