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Ethiopian Airlines keen to diverse market base: Area Manager

Addis Ababa, June 20, 2023 (FBC) – Ethiopian Airlines is actively working to diversify its market base and attract more corporate and leisure travellers not only to Ethiopia but also to all African destinations, the carrier’s area manager in Qatar Surafel Saketa Geleta said.

“That’s why we’re working closely with the (Ethiopian) embassy and the travel partners to help us change the perception of Ethiopian Airlines and also carry more leisure passengers,” he said on the sidelines of a recent tourism promotion event in Doha.

To achieve this, Surafel said Ethiopian Airlines has been collaborating closely with embassies and travel partners: by packaging flights with African destinations and partnering with hotels and resorts across the region.

The airline is well-positioned to provide convenient travel options throughout the African continent, which is increasingly eager to attract tourists as countries recover from the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“First thing we’re selling convenience, second thing, we’re selling economies of scale… we’re producing these packages in a volume so that we can get a volume advantage,” he said, noting that the airline leverages its brand strength and negotiates advantageous deals with corporate companies, hotels, and resorts. This, he added, enables the airline to offer competitive prices and secure excellent value for their customers.

Surafel said that safety, security, and customer service are additional areas where Ethiopian Airlines excels. With its strong reputation as an airline, he said the company is investing in the hospitality and tourism sector, further enhancing its competitive advantage.

About the possibility of offering visa on arrival for residents in Qatar – similar to systems implemented by Georgia and Armenia – Surafel said Ethiopian Airlines is keen to increase movement and expand the market.

As a business, he said the airline believes that simplified visa processes and open borders are catalysts for increased movement, leading to a thriving market.

Surafel explained that simplified visa procedures such as visa upon arrival would eliminate paperwork and online applications, providing travellers with a hassle-free experience.

He stressed that the focus remains on boosting movement, creating a seamless travel experience, and delivering high customer satisfaction.

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