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U.S. lifts human rights violation designation on Ethiopia

Addis Ababa, June 30, 2023 (FBC) – The Biden administration has informed Congress that Ethiopia is no longer engaging in violations of human rights, lifting a legal designation that will pave the way to resume the dispatch of U.S. and international economic aid to the country, according to an internal U.S. Treasury Department notification and officials familiar with the matter.

The move comes as Washington looks to revamp its relationship with Ethiopia following the peace agreement.

The newest move by the Biden administration to lift the designation showcases its readiness to strengthen ties with Ethiopia, which it views as an anchor for U.S. engagement on the continent and a crucial player in African security and development initiatives, according to Foreign Policy.

“Treasury will stop instructing the relevant U.S. Executive Directors at the IFIs to oppose any loan, any extension of financial assistance, or any technical assistance to Ethiopia,” the new notification to Congress reads.

Ethiopia is a leading contributor of troops to U.N. peacekeeping operations and is host to the African Union. More recently, U.S. President Joe Biden praised the Ethiopian government for its role in helping to support the rapid evacuation of U.S. diplomats and citizens from Sudan as the country plunged into conflict.


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